Fitness equipment for home use

Origin Author Time:2015-12-15 12:00:00

  Walking is one of the most well-known simplest, most economical and most easy way of fitness : fresh air , suitable temperature green fields , so that each one walking in the nature of fitness people feel very comfortable. You can listen to the birds chirping crisp ; aroma can enjoy wildflowers , breathing moist air ; can enjoy the beautiful scenery of nature , feel dull , quiet mood , and even picked one , two leaves, in your mouth and blow his joy . However, this idyllic fitness environment, living in a modern metropolis of people is just a dream. Crowded space , polluted air , harsh noise , so that people can enjoy modern civilization , while losing to enjoy nature gives humanity's greatest blessings .

    Currently, more and more people like to walk , because people can not walk from toddler to this paragraph until life's journey , legs play an important role . Active leg exercise , on human health is important. Although many vigorous manner , such as walking, running , climbing , etc., but these methods must be carried out in the outdoors and must have more time to the job . To be able to stay at home in case of exercise , vigorous machines and treadmills undoubtedly became some of the indoors vigorous activities like those choices.

    Although the machines and vigorous exercise on a treadmill , under natural conditions without the effects of training is good, but accurate control go run effects and improve health quality, and support training time and system training point of view, vigorous machines and treadmills but has its own advantages : If small footprint , closer personal living environment , by the time , environmental impact, a sense of security and so on.

    Vigorous machine mainly analog board level and climbing leg movement designed leg exerciser . As the intensity of the hydraulic control device , to provide a plurality of gear selection to environmental conditions resulting in different exercises . Vigorous exercise machine technology moves very simple , just put your hands naturally help grip machine , feet pedaling up and down before it. However, if a different beat, a different way , a different intensity , etc. , you can achieve a variety of training effect .

2 , treadmills

    Running sport is a human instinct , if not professional and technical requirements, most people will run very well. And was popular on the international medical community and sports give a high evaluation aerobic fitness activities , its main mode of motion is walking and running. Is known to keep a person physically and mentally the most effective and scientific way to fitness . This movement pattern allows the body while the energy consumption of the process accelerated , more reliable weight loss and weight loss process may cause harm to the human body narcissistic to the lowest point .

    Running periodic limb movement belongs to the movement of people , the general movement of low intensity and rhythm obvious, easy to learn , easy to adhere to a long campaign . Each step in the process of running movement has a lot of muscles involved force. Also runners are each supporting action on human bones have a very strong impact.Therefore, the human body running exercise is a good workout.

    In running , the muscles will increase the amount of oxygen , the oxygen process is mainly organ participants cardiovascular system, increases heart rate , breathing rate, deepened, muscle movement in order to provide more oxygen , therefore , moderate the treadmill exercise can effectively improve cardiovascular and vascular function, increased blood volume , and the corresponding increase in the oxygen transport capacity . Treadmill exercise can also increase the intensity level in order to improve lung capacity . Treadmill exercise also has the following characteristics:

    Mobilize quickly. Movement began, the cardiovascular system can be quickly mobilized activities to accommodate movement

    Potential. At maximum load during exercise , cardiovascular system can maximize the performance potential , and fully mobilize the body's reserve force ;

    Quick recovery . Short recovery period after exercise , that function has changed dramatically , they can quickly return to a resting state level .

    In summary, the runners in strengthening muscles and bones limb function, improve heart and lung function, weight loss has a significant effect . Therefore treadmill into the home gym is a matter of course .